Vitamin D help for pregnancy

In last post, we have list some help from vitamin D and calcium for the pregnant women to control the blood sugar level. Also it may increase the weight and head circumferences of the baby if the vitamin D level in blood is more than specific figure. Furthermore, we learn from other researches for the help from vitamin D for pregnancy.

vitamin D help for pregnancy

There was a study in India, researcher wanted to know the effect result if pregnant women take with a large doses of vitamin D.

There were two groups:

1, Two types of women, one type of those with already sufficient levels (above 20 ng/mL) were giving 60,000 IU vitamin D3 at their week 20, averagely it was about 400 IU daily during their pregnancy. And for the insufficient (who were in 10-20 ng/mL) or deficient vitamin D levels (less than 10 ng/mL) were given a dosage of 120,000 IU monthly twice or 4 times. After the intake of vitamin D, the average blood level of pregnant women were raising up to 32 ng/mL.

2, The women had the average vitamin D level of 18.4 ng/mL, but they didn’t take any vitamin D. It was observed that this group led to 44% pre-term labor, preeclampsia, and/or gestational diabetes. While the previous group was only about 20.3% who took the vitamin D. Also women took vitamin D gave a fetus birth with the weight 5.72 lbs averagely comparing the placebo group was 5.28 lbs.

But be attention, excessive intake of vitamin D for one pregnant women will be vital, a hypercalcemia mother may possibly lead to seizures, mental and / or physical retardation, may also some other effects to an infant. So when you’re taking the best prenatal vitamins supplement, please calculate the dose of vitamin D if you have calcium supplement at the same time, most of the calcium supplement will contains calcium and vitamin D3, or other essentials, magnesium etc.

The RDAs of vitamin D for aged 1 to 70, is 600 IU (15 micrograms), it’s 800 IU (20 micrograms) for those aged 71 and above.

The RDA for pregnant and lactating women are also 600 IU (15 mcg), and the upper intake level(UL) is 4,000 IU (100 mcg).

Some study said that an even higher dose than RDAs will be helpful for other purpose, but we still don’t suggest to take too much dose more than UL mentioned above. For example, the best prenatal vitamins mentioned here contain 1,000 IU vitamin D, is less than UL but more than the RDA value.

Aid from vitamin D in best prenatal vitamins

The best prenatal vitamins will ensure the pregnant women be far away from the nutrition deficiency. For example, the iron helps on the anemia, calcium and magnesium relief the pain for leg cramp. Also, iodine and folate will reduce the risk of some fetus birth disease. But you maybe don’t know the benefits from others we listed below.

healthy vitamins

Vitamin D and Calcium

The combination of Vitamin D and calcium in prenatal vitamin supplement may improve the glucose control in blood, when one pregnant woman with gestational diabetes. Most of the risk for the type II of diabetes is the resistance to the insulin. In one study, researcher found that the risk of type II diabetes would be reduce 13% if having daily intake of vitamin D over 500 IU, after comparing the data for those intake less than 200 IU.

In another study with duration of six weeks, fifty-six women with gestational diabetes received 50,000 IU vitamin D3, combined with 1,000 mg calcium at the beginning of the study. And more 50,000 IU D3 at the 3rd week, when the research was ended, it was found that the fasting blood glucose levels in the nutrition group (reduced 0.89 mmol/l) was significant lower than the placebo group (increased 0.26 mmol/l). And the insulin levels is -13.55, compared to +9.17 pmol/l, meanwhile the insulin sensitivity was improved, +0.02 versus -0.002 (placebo group at latter).

Vitamin D level in the blood of the pregnant women may also impact the growth of the fetus. In one U.S. study showed that if mothers with vitamin D level in 15 ng/mL or great gave birth to baby 46 grams heavier, and with head circumferences 0.13 cm larger averagely than those mothers with vitamin D levels less than 15 ng/mL. In the first trimester if mothers with a level in 15 ng/mL or greater was also led to an half risk of a baby being small for his/her gestational age.

So don’t forget to intake the sufficient vitamin D during your pregnancy period, one easy way to get vitamin D beside you take the best prenatal vitamins, is to have to sunshine exposure 1 hour daily if the weather allows. So walking in the sunshine is the perfect exercise for a pregnant women.

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